Food Systems Dialogues

The discussion topics for dialogue at this publication addressed the following areas:

● Access to healthy food, healthy food production resilience, and fair compensation for food

producers, in the post-COVID scenario.

● Smart food safety protocols: food safety and workers safety in all food sectors in response

to COVID, without discouraging fresh food consumption nor punishing artisan food


● Food producers incomes and disruption of food chains due to COVID.

● Food systems resilience to future pandemics with maintenance of structural food policies

like school feeding and food storage programs, and no interruption to food supply.

● The post-COVID food system and the way to meet the SDGs.

● Food systems disruptions due to COVID and the opportunity to raise both richer and

poorer consumers' awareness on food origins, food supply chain from farm to fork, and the

impacts these chains have on the whole food system.

● The efficiency of emergency measures, of structural and regular policies, and of

public-private partnerships to fight hunger and food insecurity and obesity, in the

post-COVID scenario.